Activity Submit

Activity submission page is where you will see activites that could be done out of Twitter to receive rewards. Each month we will open a free submission contest where managers of the program will review the submissions and provide points for the submission if it fits to the contest.
Activity Submission's main aim is to enable community to provide content from the outer world, for example sharing a photo from your town center wearing an Omchain t-shirt or carrying an Omchain flag. Or you will be able to submit a photo with your cat in front of your display where CMC page of the Omchain is open.
Details related to the activities needed for earning points will be provided on that section.
Available Activities
Simply choose the activity you want to make a submission for, and below you will see an area for submitting your entry.
Submission area
Paste the link of your Youtube Video, Image, Tweet or any other document that managers can verify that you have done the task. Also provide a description for managers to understand what was done on the submission so you will be able to receive points from your activities.