Total Supply : 250M OMC tokens


  • 65% : Total circulating supply

  • 10% : Stake incentives to be distributed till 2026

  • 10% : Tier 1/2 CEX Listings, Collaborations & Rewards

  • 9.8% : Marketing, Social Media Campaigns etc

  • 5.2% : Liquidity & market-making

Brief description:

  • Total Circulating Supply (65% - 162.5 Million): Omchain Foundation has designated 65% of the total token supply, amounting to 162.5 million tokens, as the circulating supply. This quantity represents the liquidity and accessibility of our project in the market and can be freely bought and sold by our investors.

  • Staking Incentives (10% - 25 Million) (To be distributed by 2026): Our staking system, crucial for the security and stability of the Omchain network, aims to reward our users for their long-term participation. In this context, 10% of the total supply, which is 25 million tokens, will be distributed as rewards to users who stake by the year 2026.

  • Tier 1/2 CEX Listings, Collaborations, and Rewards (10% - 25 Million): For the widespread promotion and increased accessibility of our project, we have allocated 10% of the total supply, equivalent to 25 million tokens, for listings on Tier 1 and Tier 2 centralized exchanges, for strategic collaborations, and for various rewards.

  • Marketing, Social Media Campaigns etc (9.8% - 24.5 Million): We place great importance on marketing activities and social media campaigns to enhance the visibility of our brand and to expand our user base. For this purpose, we have allocated 9.8% of our total supply, which is 24.5 million tokens, for these activities.

  • Liquidity & market-making. (5.2% - 13 Million): To establish a robust and stable market structure, we have set aside 5.2% of our total token supply, amounting to 13 million tokens, for maintaining market liquidity and order. This amount will be used to ensure continuity and regulation in trading transactions.

“Additionally, it's important to note that as Omchain Foundation, we do not allocate any part of our token supply for a 'team share.' Our structure as a foundation emphasizes transparency and equal distribution of resources, focusing on the broader community and network development rather than individual gain. This approach aligns with our commitment to fostering a fair and decentralized ecosystem for all participants.”

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