Connecting to Mainnet

You can connect to Jupiter with any wallet that supports custom networks. Metamask is one of those wallets and in this guide we are going to use Metamask to connect to Jupiter.


First you can install Metamask from its official website. Please be aware of the phishing ads you might see on the search engines. Also make sure you are downloading the official Metamask by checking the amount of downloads the app/extension has.
After creating you wallet, click on the Ethereum Mainnet button if you are on the browser
If you are using Metamask on a mobile device, then you can click the Menu icon from top left, then go to Settings -> Networks -> Add Network
Then you can enter the following information to the window shown;
  • Network Name: Omchain
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 21816
  • Symbol: OMC
  • Block Explorer URL:
After filling these fields, you can hit SAVE button and go back to the main screen.

What's Next?

If you are seeing your omchain balance at the end (don't worry if it's 0, you can purchase some omchain from the supporting exchanges) and you haven't encountered any errors, you are ready to use omchain. Because omchain uses omchain (OMC) as its base currency, all you need is to get some OMC now.