Omchain is an EVM blockchain with IBFT2 consensus algorithm and 2 seconds block interval

  • Open source development: Omchain utilizes Hyperledger Besu IBFT2 implementation. This allows us to provide an open source, trustable infrastructure and allow developers from all around the world to contribute to the development.

  • EVM compliant: Omchain allows you to deploy your smart contracts on chain and create blockchain based applications. Any smart contract that runs on another EVM chain works perfectly on Omchain too.

  • Non-custodial: You don't have to share your private key with the Omchain in order to use the Omchain. This allows you to use the same wallet that you are using on Ethereum or BSC network.

  • NFT and token support: Omchain supports ERC20 and other ERC standarts. You can create NFTs and tokens on the Omchain.

  • Advanced RPC support: Omchain nodes support various RPC commands, this allows developers to build products or solutions on the Omchain.

  • Users can run nodes: You can run your own node to support the network and provide yourself a custom environment to interact with omchain and apps you are building on Omchain. You can rent an instance from AWS, GCP, Azure or DO to run your own node.

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