Screenshot of the main dashboard
On the main dashboard you will see different sections.

Profile Info Section

Placed in the top left corner of the screen, you will be seeing your associated wallet address and collected points. Also by clicking the up and down arrows near the avatar section you will be able to see your stats for collected points.
The menu is placed on the left side of the screen, from the menu you can reach the Dashboard, your account details, task manager, activity submit and integrations pages.

Main Area

On the main area you will find a chart representing your points earned in the last month. From there you can keep track of your account's activity as well as earned points.
Below there you will find active tasks that you can earn points from, and a latest tweets feed, where you will be seeing the community members' latest tweets related to omchain.
And on the right, you will see the Leaderboard, which is very important for reward distribution. You can see the top 10 accounts with their points as well as your own points.