Task Manager

Task manager is where you will be able to see all the tasks added to the Omchain Community Program.
Task manager overview
Here you will see all the active tasks under the Active Tasks section, the tasks under the active tasks tab can be done and earned points from. Simply click on the task you want to complete and learn more about the task and complete the task according to its requirements.
Task detail section
The above tasks is a task related to a tweet sended from the WeAreOpenMoney twitter account. A user who wants to participate in the task must like the tweet, retweet it and add a comment with #nftwednesday and #omchain hashtags.
The Hashtags (Can Use Any) section shows the hashtages you can choose from, you must include at least one of those hashtags to earn points. On the other hand, Hashtags (Must Use All) shows the hashtags you must use on your comment, if you miss any of those hashtags your points won't be credited.

Scoring & Calculations

The points earned from tasks are fetched in different intervals. If you have completed a task, it might take up to 24 hours for your task to be evaluated and your points to be credited. If after 24 hours your points are still not credited to your account please send us an e-mail for support.

Completed Tasks

Completed Tasks
Once your tweets are scored and you receive points, they will be moved to Completed Tasks section. You will also see the points you have collected from the tasks. Please keep in mind that if the community managers find malicious activity or multiple account usage, they might cancel your activities and reduce your points. Omchain reserves the right to adjust participants' points as it see fits, and can suspend accounts in the case of malicious activity.

Missed Tasks

If you haven't completed some tasks associated to your account in time, they will be missed and you won't be able to earn points from them anymore. You will be able to see them under the missed tasks section.

Upcoming Tasks

Upcoming Tasks
Under the Upcoming Tasks section you will see the tasks scheduled for the future. You will be able to see the starting time of the tasks. All the times are displayed in UTC+0 (GMT). We will update the display with local timezones in near future.
If you see some task under the Upcoming tasks, feel free to click on it and learn more about how you will be able to participate in that task when it is open to participation.