Adding Token

In order to transfer ERC20 tokens on Jupiter you have to first add them as a custom token to your wallet. You can add ERC721 tokens too and if the contract source is verified on the Jupiter Block Explorer, you can transfer them as well.

Adding Custom Token

  1. 1.
    Click on Add Token button on the main screen of Metamask
  2. 2.
    Then click on the second tab which is Custom Token
Custom Token screen
Then add the contract address given below to the Token Contract Address field
Custom Token Screen - 2
The wallet will fill all the necessary information automatically. However, if your wallet doesn't automatically fill the fields, you can enter BC as the symbol and 18 as the decimals.
The demo contract is an ERC20 one. However you can track ERC721 tokens with the same steps above. Unlike ERC20 tokens, you should enter 0 to the decimals field.
Click on the Next button to view the token info and by clicking Add you can add the token to your wallet.
Be careful while adding a custom token to your wallet and double check the contract address. Anyone who has some omChain can create a token on the Jupiter Testnet. However, malicious users can create tokens that has the same name and symbol with a known token and might abuse this feature. For that reason, we suggest you to double check the contract addresses on any network before interacting with the contract.