Bridging omchain

If you are willing to transfer your omchain between supported networks, you can use the omLink token bridge.
Currently only the following networks are supported;
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avalanche Network
  • omchain Mainnet
Select the sender network accordingly and destination network as omchain. Later from the token section select omchain and connect your wallet.
The bridge will walk you through necessary steps shown below;
  • Connect Wallet (either via Metamask Extension or a wallet that supports WalletConnect)
  • Approve (this step is necessary for the omLink contract to be able to bridge your assets)
  • Enter the amount you would like to bridge
  • Click on Send
Upon clicking on Send, your wallet will prompt a transaction request and upon your confirmation, the bridging process will start.
Once you are redirected to the tranasaction page, take note of the URL you are visiting, in case your transactions confirms later than expected so that you can close your browser and return when it's confirmed.

Transaction URLs

The URL of each transaction is in the format of; network ID/transaction hash
For example; The 21816 in the source network ID part of the URL means that this bridge was started from the omchain. And the 0xa9e...52f part is the corresponding TX ID on the omchain. We can visit the transaction page on the omchain any time we want, to see the status of the transaction.

Confirming Transaction & Adding Network

Once your transaction is completed on the source network, you will also see on the transaction details page that the transaction is completed.
After that you can click on Add Network button to change the network on your wallet to the destination network. If you don't have the RPC details for the omchain, the Add Network button will prompt the network details and upon your confirmation, the network will be added & switched on your wallet.
Please make sure that you are using a wallet that is supporting addition of custom EVM networks.

Finalizing The Transaction

If you are bridging assets to the omchain, as soon as your deposit is seen, the corresponding amount of OMC will be sent to your wallet on the omchain. You don't have to do anything else to receive your asset.
If you are sending to ETH or BSC networks, you will have to click on the "Receive" button to interact with the deployed omLink contract in the corresponding network to finalize the transaction. After you click the Receive button, you will be prompted with a tx. Confirming that TX will deliver your ticket to the omLink smart contract and your assets will be transferred to your wallet.
You can click on Add button to add the token you are bridging to your wallet.