Deploying a Smart Contract

Learn how you can deploy a smart contract on Jupiter
Because Jupiter is an EVM chaiin, you can deploy smart contracts written in Solidity or Vyper on it. You can interact with your contracts or develop your own blockchain app. You can use the existing IDEs to develop a smart contract. The IDE choice is totally up to you, depending on your preferences. We suggest you to choose an IDE that is most comfortable and suitable for you.
The examples provided in this documentation were written in Solidity using Remix IDE. Steps for debugging and deploying contracts might be different on other IDEs.

Web Based IDEs

You can develop smart contracts and connect to the Metamask extension on your browser or to a remote provider and deploy or debug your contracts.

EthFiddle -

EthFiddle allows you to develop smart contracts rapidly.

Desktop IDEs

For more options regarding IDEs, you can visit